About ZEE


     ZEE is a modern rock band featuring a seven string violin as the lead instrument . The members of ZEE draw their influences from bands such as Halestorm, Meg Myers, Led Zeppelin, Metallica and Grace Potter. Woven throughout the band’s music, the electric violin brings a new and dynamic edge to the rock n roll sound while occasionally showcasing the softer melodies that the violin is capable of.


     Lead singer, electric violinist and founder of the band, Zee (from where the band gets it’s name), writes music about life experiences and dreams and carries the songs with a voice that has been compared to Christina Aguilera, Brandi Carlile, and Ann Wilson of Heart. ZEE was formerly known as “Zee Irelynn” and has recently rebranded to mirror the sound of their upcoming, full-length album. ZEE is made up of four members: Zee on electric violin and vocals, Kyle Gravitz on guitar, Adam Wright on bass and BGVs and Geoff Padilla on drums. 

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L    I    S    T    E    N

Original Recorded Music

Original music written by Zee Irelynn off of the debut, self-titled EP before the band's rebranding. Recorded at Serenity Hill Studios in Nashville, TN.

Duo Cover Projects

Collaborations with other musicians and audio engineers. This collaboration is with guitarist Bryson Burnet in Nashville, TN.

Live Original Music

An original song titled "Bleeding Heart" performed with the full band at Hodi's Half Note in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Live Looping

Electric violin and vocal looping from Zee's solo cover project

Solo Vocal Projects

Vocal projects with live instrument tracks. Guitar on this project was tracked by Alex Dowidchuk.  


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