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About ZEE


     ZEE is a modern rock band based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Since the band's inception, they have been writing music that fits somewhere along the lines of the Alternative Rock or "New Rock" genre, but with an unconventional variation.  In this band, traditional electric guitar leads are replaced with electric violin melodies and solos which are played through effects pedals. This, paired with the band's wide range of influences gives ZEE a sound that is all their own.


     Lead singer, electric violinist and founder of the band, Zee Crain (from where the band gets it’s name), writes music about life experiences and dreams and carries the songs with a voice that has been compared to Christina Aguilera, Brandi Carlile, and Ann Wilson of Heart. ZEE was formerly known as “Zee Irelynn” and has recently rebranded to mirror the sound of their upcoming, full-length album. ZEE is made up of four members: Zee Crain on electric violin and vocals, Kyle Gravitz on guitar, Adam Wright on bass and BGVs and Malek Haltam on drums. 

The members of ZEE draw their influences from bands such as Halestorm, Meg Myers, Led Zeppelin, Metallica and Grace Potter. Woven throughout the band’s music, the electric violin brings a new and dynamic edge to the rock n roll sound while occasionally showcasing the softer melodies that the violin is capable of.

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Photo by Alex Clary Photography.


N E W S   &   U P D A T E S

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Zee films a music video!

We filmed our first music video!! With an upcoming album comes singles, videos and photo shoots. We partnered with Visionary Heights Media to bring you an edgy and dynamic video. Teasers to come soon(;


We're Recording An Album!

With the rebranding of the band back in spring of 2020 comes a new look and a new sound. We have been hard at work in the studio to bring you some tasty rock tunes and we're so close to releasing our first single under our new vibe. We are planning on releasing the full length album in late spring/early 

summer of 2021. Prior to the album release will be two singles and a music video. We are having a hard time containing our excitement so you may be hearing a "leaked" clip or two in the near future.



Earlier this year, ZEE was invited to play at Colorado's beloved Mishawaka Amphitheater along side MountainUs. The show was long anticipated by the artists and fans amid the COVID-19 

pandemic and, as such was sold out in a matter of weeks after it's announcement. The Mish took every precaution to keep patrons 6 feet apart and comply with all COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. This show was part of a "Virtual Band Swap" program and was a silver lining in the midst of the pandemic. 


We are rebranding!

We are getting a facelift! Over the last few years, our style, music and lineup has changed quite a bit, and we wanted to change our vibe to reflect our new sound and the future of the band. ZEE, previously known as Zee Irelynn, is moving away from the band's history and roots in Indie Rock and towards New Rock with a

grungier and heavier sound. It's a new era for ZEE and we can't wait to share our future with you!

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Zee Irelynn #10

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